• The GEOMETRY collection
    - refined, simple beauty expressed with the definite forms. The high-polished silver surfaces emphasize the elegance and glitter of the natural amber pieces. The simplicity of this collection gives plenty possibilities. For women with character, who 
    like to express their personality
    in original ways.

  • It is the nature that plays the major role in the Organic collection. The jewelry form is inspired by the natural shapes of amber that defines the variety and unique character of all the pieces. The stones, thanks to their softness and organic shapes, are in perfect contrast to the shiny, silver setting. Some of the surfaces are left unpolished so as to reveal the natural beauty of amber - "the gold of the north".
  • The TECHNONATURE collection is inspired by the great achievements of the contemporary technology. That is why in these works you can find such elements as processed satelite pictures of big cities or parts of circuit units — both of which seem to have a lot in common. Amber, organic resin, full of remains from the past ages, represents the nature phenomena.

  • COLOR ESCAPADA - journey to the exotic world. The collection inspired by the colorful landscapes of America and Mexico. During my far voyages, I discover the world of the most magnificient stones - green and blue turquoise, mysterious jade, agate filled with passion, mountain quartz... On my travels however, 
    I am always accompanied by the thought about home - therefore the carefully selected pieces of the natural baltic amber constitute the integral part of my compositions. 
    I invite you to join me in the journey to the world of sunshine and colors!

  • Rhythms surround us everywhere - we hear them in music, they are present in our steps, they measure the years and days of our life. What is your rhythm - dynamic, impatient, irregular or maybe ordered, silent and organized? Express your personality with the unique piece 
    of jewellery from the RHYTHMIC collection.
  • The glitter of diamonds, 
    the mysterious charm of amber. 
    The CONTELLATION collection is the meeting of two elements - the hard, cold diamond that is told to last forever and the delicate, warm resin, of which we know that survived 
    40 mln years. Unique materials,
    uncommonly matched.

  • The MULTI collection, made of silver and amber, was inspired by armors of the old-time warriors. The special lamellar kind of armor, made of steel, horn, leather or bronze pieces, was already known in Asia, Europe and north Africa in the ancient times. The particularly interesting forms of this type of armors were created in China and Japan (samurai).

  • Glaciers that cover the earth today witnessed life of bygone ages. Traces of plants and animals from before 40 million years can also be found among the amber pieces. Our ICE CUBES Collection is a story of time frozen in the cubes of Baltic Amber.

  • The Venus collection was inspired by visions of the sea and paintings by Sandro Botticelli. Venus, born from a wave in the sea, and perpetuated by this precursor of Italian Renaissance, is believed to be the most beautiful woman in the history of painting. The combination of Amber and Mother of Pearl associates itself with the kingdom of Neptune and creates unique compositions of delicate, pastel colors.
  • Sketches for this collection were created during jazz concerts. This is why the JAZZ collection has some features characteristical for this music genre – such as improvisation, experiment with texture and matter, search for composition and, at the same time, deconstruction of form. Just like music, jewellery speaks about passion of creation and joy of interpretation.